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About Pulsation (Coming Soon)

As we belong to a developing country, we are not technologically that advanced as western countries and a few developed countries in Asia. However, this is also evident that we have come quite a long way because of the initiative taken by our government that nowadays we cannot even think of a single day without technology. Analog systems are being replaced by state-of-the-art technology. Unfortunately, the speed of the changes is not fast enough to fulfil our needs and expectation. Health care sector of Bangladesh is one of them which needs the proper use of technology.

So, we have come up with the idea of “Pulsation”, which is an online based health care services provider. Major areas of focus of pulsation are home delivery service of medicine, emergency seat booking, getting appointment, hiring ambulance, getting 2nd opinion of a doctor online, providing tips of health care etc.

Pulsation believes that by embracing technology, we can make our life even better. Life is too short to go all the way to pharmacy only to buy few tablets, when we can get them delivered at our doorstep. So, ensuring home delivery of medicine will be beneficial for the people in the greatest way possible. Also, we will have cash on delivery option, which will make things even easier for people to get their medicine delivered. People can also access our website and application, which will contain a database of information about people/pharmacy involved with the delivery of medicines from their desired location, they can check if there is available seat in any particular hospital, taking direct appointment of doctors without going through the hustle of calling or visiting the hospital in person for appointments, information about hospitals such as, the operating hours, doctors information and their availability, available facilities and so on. There will be a list containing ambulance’s contact information, so that in case of emergency people can reach them easily.

Moreover, we will have a panel of doctors, who will be providing different services online such as, giving second opinion to patients about their prescriptions, providing them with tips to deal with health issues, also they will be sharing intensive ideas about health problems through vlog and blog. There will be options to get in touch with the doctors in person as well. As psychological problems and mental health issues are highly ignored in our country, we will have a special panel of psychiatrist and consultant, who will be providing service with intense care to those who are in need. And all the information about our customers will be kept confidential.

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