About HishabKhata

Recollect the Old Days? When your folks sat at the table, a pile of bills on one side, a checkbook on the other? Paper envelopes were opened and receipts were saved. Accounts were full-scale research projects in those days and sometimes it was hard to tell where your business truly stood.

Not any longer.

In these cutting-edge times — when there actually is an application for everything — it has never been simpler to follow your cash and remain on spending plan. It’s a simple task to computerize installments. It’s easy to set and track financial goals. You can never miss a bill payment.

Imagine sitting in your armchair and seeing each exchange that occurs over the entirety of your records, alongside a count of every one of your equalizations. Yes, it’s possible to know your actual net worth by the month, by the week, by the day, by the second.

HishabKhata is here to ease your pain. You just focus on how to grow your business; we will take care of your accounts for you. In fact, not only for business accounts but also for your personal account maintaining you can use HishabKhata app.

100 of users who have been assigned to use this app for test run, have been really amazed by observing how HishabKhata has made their daily life much easier and much organized. You can never miscalculate your business or personal accounts using this app. After using this app, you can easily tell the difference from other existing apps. The interface is absolutely user friendly and easy to track. HishabKhata is not focused only on particular targeted users but we have designed this app also for the root level people.

We believe the development of any system should be done from the root level, only then the overall progress can be achieved. For this reason, our overall app has been designed in a way that any kind of large or small grocery shops can also use this app effectively.

The App is produced, developed and being maintained by Catch Bangladesh, A Bangladeshi venture.

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