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Joining Catch Bangladesh would be an exciting at the same time an adventurous journey for you. If you have right expertise that we look for, then we have the right opportunity for you. Go through our list of available vacancies and choose the perfect fit for yourself. A thrilling experience waits for you.

If you are looking for a company which provides the opportunity to flourish your talents and showcase your creativity with the highest amount of flexibility, then look no further. Catch Bangladesh is here for you. Working with us will not only benefit you financially but also give a lifelong experience and help you develop your real-life skills as well. We ensure the utmost friendly environment for every single employee and consider the whole team as a family.

Anyone, even you. Yes, if you are passionate about your work, if you are ready for taking up challenges and conquering them, if you have the enthusiasm to learn new things as well as to share your wisdom, if you are a person who believes in sharing of interpersonal skills and growing together, then you are the perfect match that we are looking for.

Benefits and Rewards:

Working with Catch Bangladesh provides you a great of opportunity of developing your existing skills at the same time acquiring new ones. We believe a coherent team can bring out the best result. So, you will be improving your cooperation skill, learning to be supportive and respectful to each other, being empathetic and compassionate. Catch Bangladesh always put efforts to maintain a family like relation within its team member, so that everyone feels more connected and become even more sincere towards their work. Apart from the intangible benefits, the tangible benefit which the monetary one, is also significant. We always prioritize the fact of appreciating people with everything they deserve. Moreover, you will get the chance to be mentored by people who are experienced in their respective field. In every manner, Catch Bangladesh has so many things to offer which you can carry for eternal period of time.

Currently We Are Looking For...

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Video Editor (Full Time) Uttara, Dhaka Creative and Marketing July 20, 2020
Intern Dhaka, Bangladesh Any Department May 26, 2020
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I had an incredible experience working with the brighten talented young minds in many of the events and campaigns. Their innovative approach and creative advancement have always presented an outstanding outcome in challenging tasks. On the whole, the team is more than capable of delivering what you want. I believe they will surpass your expectations.

Sarif Neer
National Communication Officer, IOM Bangladesh, UN migration agency

Catch Bangladesh is like a Swiss knife in the world of digital & social marketing world. They always come up with a solution no matter how complex the requirement is and them with their creativity. Their agility & adaptability is what that strengthens them with soberness being their Achilles heel. Looking forward to a sustainable professional relation with Catch Bangladesh.

Ramin Ahmed
Managing Partner, Woodhouse Grill
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