Company overview

Catch Bangladesh is a privately-owned company that started its journey back on August 30, 2017, and working in a wide range of sectors and establishing its name through the showcase of its splendid works and services. Catch Bangladesh aspires to become your one-stop solution for services ranging from the marketing of a business to making visual content for organizations as well as to provide website and application-based services in different fields. We have the vision to endeavor in 15 diverse sectors and work for the purpose of solving real-life challenges. With this foresight, Catch Bangladesh has been working relentlessly to execute its plans. Our uncompromising hard work has been proved a fortune as we have been successfully running two of our sub-business namely Catch Food and Catch Digital as well as another dream of ours called Pulsation is on its way to becoming a reality.

Catch Bangladesh always abides by its core values of being compassionate, fulfilling its commitment, achieving the reliability of clients, keeping up the persistence, and being punctual and flawless in every work. Moreover, our uniqueness and exceptionality make us trustworthy to our clients. We solely believe in serving the best by solving problems that are faced by people on a daily basis. Our team consists of members who are hardworking and exhibit creativity through their work. We always strive for being better than before while keeping up the consistency and maintaining our exclusive features. Client’s satisfaction is one of the major objects on our priority list. Sustaining proper communication with clients, understanding their needs and working accordingly, being transparent, and ensuring authenticity are our strengths which always keep us one step ahead than the rest.

Persistence is the key to perfection – this is what incentivize us.

How can we help you?

If you have any queries or want to work with us, just hit the button.

I had an incredible experience working with the brighten talented young minds in many of the events and campaigns. Their innovative approach and creative advancement have always presented an outstanding outcome in challenging tasks. On the whole, the team is more than capable of delivering what you want. I believe they will surpass your expectations.

Sarif Neer
National Communication Officer, IOM Bangladesh, UN migration agency

Catch Bangladesh is like a Swiss knife in the world of digital & social marketing world. They always come up with a solution no matter how complex the requirement is and them with their creativity. Their agility & adaptability is what that strengthens them with soberness being their Achilles heel. Looking forward to a sustainable professional relation with Catch Bangladesh.

Ramin Ahmed
Managing Partner, Woodhouse Grill

Our Core Values


Obligating us to be dedicated to everything we do.


Requiring us to understand what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference.


Requiring us to serve our clients at an arranged time.


Requiring us to keep doing something in spite of obstacles and showing steadfastness.


Requiring us to preserve the high quality of our work.


Demanding us to maintain the tremendous quality of work every time.

Our Mission

  1. To expand our business in 15 sectors including food, fashion, health care and so on.
  2. To ensure convenient and prompt service for people.
  3. To provide creative and unique works.
  4. To work with mental health issues which is highly disregarded in our country. Especially to work with teenagers about dealing with different mental health issues.

Our Effectiveness

Dedication 100%
Effort 100%

Our Clients

Since its establishment, Catch Bangladesh has worked with various type of clients ranging from NGO to restaurant and corporates. Catch Bangladesh has successfully completed so many notable projects and managed to satisfy its customer with it works. Among our clients, we would like to mention a few who are highly contented with our service and have come back to us for more projects. For instance, ActionAid, which is one of the most prestigious NGOs of the world operating in 45 countries, has been our long-term client for their digital and animated content making as well as event documentation.

Our Strength

Graphic Design
Video Making
Strategy Dev.
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