“Whatever we do in life, we must do it with Honesty”, Journey of a Young Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Mustakim Hasan

Mustakim Hasan, CEO, Catch Bangladesh

Catch Bangladesh was founded on August 30, 2017, by some young minds led by Mr. Mustakim Hasan, Founder, and CEO of Catch Bangladesh. Recently, he was invited to join the “Forbes-Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum” as a member, where he will share his insights and thoughts about running small businesses, especially in the time of crisis like we are facing now. At the start, the vision was to gather some young minds with a similar mindset who would help each other to grow and make Catch Bangladesh Ltd. a sustainable company. Mr. Mustakim Hassan believes in having a mutual understanding among employees to make the workplace more efficient and also a sustainable environment. He also trusts that every employee of Catch Bangladesh should be given a chance to express their innovative ideas about any task which is in the hands of the company. These practices which he started in the company are one of the many reasons why Catch Bangladesh has accomplished more than expected in a short period of time. Having worked with 70+ clients and 7 international clients, Catch Bangladesh is one of the promising startup businesses in Bangladesh. Mr. Mustakim is always grateful to his employees and gives most of the credit of Catch Bangladesh’s success to them more than his leadership.

At a tender age of 24, the young entrepreneur has quite a few achievements in his bag to tell about. According to him, the position where Catch Bangladesh is now is one of the best of these. Getting inducted into the famous Forbes Magazine’s “Forbes- Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum” is one of the best personal gains in his short but experienced career. But this path was not easy for him as he faced many obstacles in his journey till now.

He has been through a successful academic career but something always hit up in his mind that he had to do something out of the box. Reading biographies of various entrepreneurs and CEOs set a vision in his mind. He is a big admirer and fan of Elon Musk. During his first university days, he shared his thought of starting a business with a couple of his friends. After that, he didn’t look back. Pure determination, hard work of him and his team with full enthusiasm is the result of where Catch Bangladesh stands today in a short amount of time. Not only in his professional career he is busy but also, he has some other talents, he is conducting debate sessions in various schools and colleges for five years. He is an “Executive” Member of the Bangladesh Debate Federation from 2017 till present. He always looks for dedication, loyalty, and hard work in his team members. According to him, his employees are full of these and he even gets motivated by the hard work and determination of some members of his team.

“Whatever you do, be honest with It” he always practices this thought of his own and also motivates others with this. According to him, “Business ethics should be strong, it might be a tough way but a more satisfying way to gain success”. Following these instincts of his own, he wants to take Catch Bangladesh to one of the leading companies in the digital marketing sector of Bangladesh. He dreams of ‘Bitflex’ becoming the country’s top software solutions provider. Catch Bangladesh’s new venture, ‘Platform’, an E-learning platform for all, is going to be launched in July 2020. The young entrepreneur is full of patriotism and out of this, he wants to create a big job sector by Catch Bangladesh for this country. He says, “Catch Bangladesh’s mission is to bring a revolution in the tech service industry of Bangladesh”. Last but not the least, Mr. Mustakim always looks up to his team whenever It is needed. He always accepts criticism from his team members. He always wants to go forward with the team in terms of growth, “No one should be left behind” as he says. He wants to create such an ambiance in the workplace that in the long run, every fresh graduates’ desiresCatch Bangladesh as their dream job.

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