The Necessity of Business Storytelling

As an owner of a business, do we ever care for the story behind why we started whatever we are doing? If we haven’t thought about that before, then it’s time we should give some effort to present our story behind the business to bond with the customers.  

Why your business needs a story?

A Story can give you a reason to communicate. Stories are stimulating. Are Business stories much more different than the regular stories? No, It’s not. It’s just more structured in some ways. A Business story helps to create a sustainable relationship between your services and your customers. Not only that, but it also helps to build your vision, mission and goals. What is marketing but all about constantly battling to gain the attention of your targeted customers? Almost every business has several competitors. So, what makes your business stand out? Standing out from your competition is critical to your company’s success. A perfectly sketched business story can be useful to help you with this. Stories will help your prospects make sense of decisions they’re about to make. Whether it’s deciding on a needed product or service or making a purchase.  So, start sketching the story behind your business.

What should be kept in mind?

It needs to be genuine. Give people something they can relate to. They should be felt involved. Your audience should feel that they are giving the solutions, show people what they need to solve a problem.

Business storytelling can be done in many ways through your social media accounts or a company website and can also be done by email, blog, company profile, etc. Your story is basically why you are doing what you are doing. Business can show their success records or selling points through several data and charts. But keep in mind that, Logic is important but not remembered, to be remembered you need to stand out by telling an appealing story. 

What do you need?

“A Golden Circle”

 You need to understand the concept of the Golden Circle to stand out with your branding story.

” People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”

Simon Sinek, Author, motivational speaker

In his theory, the golden circle describes a perspective of the influence of successful leaders and organizations. Though we have a tendency to start with what then how and finally why this business, but it appears that the most useful method is the Inside-Out approach. We should start with why. Try to answer this question, why does your organization exist? Then go for telling how your business does that? Finally, the easiest one that you already know, tell them what is your product or service?

To be Exact, we can say,

Why = The Purpose

How = The Process

What = The product

You should not aim for the whole ocean. Don’t try to relate with everyone, don’t try to generalize your story. Try to be focused in your customers. To make a properly targeted audience, knowing Buyer persona is very Important. Like what your audiences do? What they eat? Are they work from home or not? and so on. One more thing you need to ensure is that what will be the Point of views. Will you address 1st person, 2nd person or 3rd person in the story? To be frank, there is no such limitations, every story has its own perk. You need to determine what you should use to grab their attention and what’s the demand of your story.

Apart from these, try to make sure 4 things in your story.

  1. Consistency: Most importantly, when it comes to point of view, decide on one and keep it consistent.
  2. Character: In your story the character could be you or some other person or community who might have encouraged you.
  3. Conflict: It must be there. Give the audience something to think about, something to feel. Make a emotional connections. It can be how the character overcome the challenges. Always remember, without conflict it will become a business pitch not a story.
  4. Resolution: Finally wrap up your story with the resolution and also clearly call your audience to action. It fulfils the purpose behind the story.

So, Start thinking now, create an emotional appeal to your customers. Be concise, Be specific. Just like Father of Advertising, David Oglivy said, “Tell the Truth but make it fascinating”. 

And you already know that Bad Advertising can even ruin the best product’s appeal.

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by Muyeed Morshed

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