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Catch Bangladesh is an IT based company and multiple service provider formed on 29th August 2017 with an aim of providing IT and marketing-based solutions, services, and consultancy to the clients. Initially formed by 2 people it has now a working group of 25 people with 3 active branches named Catch Digital, Catch Food and Pulsation.


Catch Bangladesh works in different sector such as digital marketing, digital content making, graphics designing, animated video making as well as website and application development. Moreover, Catch Bangladesh provides app and web-based services namely Catch Food, which is a virtual food assistance. Also, we are planning to launch many more IT based products for different fields.

Catch Bangladesh aims to provide best service in the most cost-effective way. We believe in innovation, creativity, and excellence. We never compromise with quality while keeping up the promise of being quick and meeting the deadlines. We always thrive for perfection and make sure our client’s motive is achieved to the utmost level. Providing quality service in the most convenient way is the reason why you should choose us.


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